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Whole or Half PORK

"On The Hoof"

Pork: Spring 2024, 
Dates Through 2024
Slots fill fast! Get on the list!

About half of all fat found in BEEF is m


Our Pork Is Heritage Breed

All Natural

Hormone Free

Ethically Raised



Support Local Agriculture!!

Pigs will weigh between 250 - 300+ lbs

Cost:$2.45 Per Pound "On The Hoof" Live Weight

Butchering Cost & Kill Fee

For Those Interested We Will Send You Our Informational PDF and Walk You Through The Entire Process. Be prepared, save money, and have custom tailored pork to meet your families needs.  Please Contact Us Today! (760)703-4926


Top 4 Reasons To Purchase

"On The Hoof" PORK 









Save Money!

Save Per Pound

If you are looking for all natural, ranch to table pork then a whole pork is a cost effective choice. Purchasing a  whole or half  pork is the cheapest way to fill your freezer per pound.

Custom Butchering

Fit Your Family

This pork  is custom butchered. You can have as many pork chops per package as you like. You can have steaks as thick as you like etc. Our butcher will walk you through different choices of cuts. Make this pork tailored to your family to enjoy! 

Use The Entire PORK

Cook ALL The Cuts!

Purchasing an "On The Hoof" live animals gives you the comfort of knowing how that animal was raised. You are able to utilize all edible parts of the pork from "Hoof To Tail". When purchasing a whole pork you get EVERY cut. Anything you don't prefer can be ground into sausage. 

Full Freezer

Be Prepared!

Have peace of mind that you have a full freezer and a LOCAL source for PORK.  Skipping trips to the store saves you time and money. Let's face it, shopping in a mask is no fun at a all! A full pork will require around 3.6 cubic feet of freezer space. We recommend uprightsfreezers as they make it easier to find different cuts. 

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