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By The Pound

USDA Approved Beef By The Pound Price List

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  • Our Beef is Pasture Raised On Local Native Grasses

  • All Natural

  • NEVER seen a feedlot!

  • These animals have spent their entire lives roaming the hillsides of the San Diego Mountains under our stewardship. 

  • Ranch Raised in the Traditional Way 

  • Beef cattle have been our family business for the last 4 generations, we’ve worked hard to maintain our heritage and traditions. 

  • The old-fashioned farm fresh way to raise free range beef. 

  • Know Where Your Food Came From 

  • Know What Is In Your Beef 

  • Support Local Agriculture & Ethical Ranching 

What Cuts Are Available? 

  • Our goal is to always use every animal to its fullest and never have any waste (we also sell dog bones to utilize all bones possible from our beef).

  • All beef is in vacuum sealed packages. 

  • Hamburger is packaged in 1 lb. packages. 

  • Steaks are packaged as singles.

About half of all fat found in BEEF is m

All  Grass  Fed  Hamburger

  • Taking pre-orders.

  • Will be available in 30-40 days.

  • We do sell hamburger in smaller quantities - but we only accept pre-orders of 40+ lbs.

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