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Due To Animal Safety Policy - No Dogs Allowed

Due to animal safety policy – no dogs allowed. Our goal is to keep our livestock and your pet safe! Dogs may come and remain in your car - we sincerely appreciate your understanding! ​

Why are dogs not allowed at Carrsitio Ranch? Do you not like dogs?

No! We love dogs, we love our dogs! We have several working cattle dogs - without which we would not be able to operate. As the country song goes...

We are proud to create dog food and dog treats out of the offal of our beef! We are honored to be able to use the whole animal Hoof to Tail!

Carrisito Ranch is a working cattle ranch – first and foremost. We sincerely appreciate our customers who purchase meat and support our family business. We strive to share the legacy of the cowboy and to provide our community with a natural, local, "ranch to table" protein.

We have a bio-security program in place in order to protect our animals and your pets. We strive to be all natural all the time – and prevention of disease is the best method. Our concern is food safety and bio security. Animals brought in from outside of our ranch could potentially bring disease, worms, mites, or some other foreign body that could cause substantial harm to our livestock or vice versa. This could be devastating to our animal program. Outside animals can pose a food safety risk to produce, introduce disease to livestock and they can also frighten or upset livestock.

You may ask - what risks do outside animals pose for livestock? When outside animals are present on a ranch there are diseases that can be spread to and by our livestock. Zoonotic diseases are diseases spread between humans and animals and include E. coli O157:H7, salmonella, and others. The most common way for these diseases to spread is through direct contact, indirect contact, vectors, and contaminated food. It has been estimated that six out of ten known infectious diseases impacting humans are spread also by animals. Furthermore, we do not allow pets as we do not have an area for the animals to urinate and defecate that is not a contamination risk for our livestock and working cattle dogs. All areas of our ranch are used for grazing or are areas where rain water run off goes into our grazing land. For more information on zoonotic disease risks and preventive controls visit the CDC Zoonotic Diseases webpage:

Additionally, we have newborn livestock on site and the presence of an unfamiliar canine could cause those animals to behave erratically. This would pose an immediate threat to those newborn animals and to patrons interacting with those animals especially small children. Excitement or barking – though maybe not malicious will stress the newborn livestock.

Finally, we have guardian dogs and working cattle dogs who are instinctively programmed to protect our livestock from coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, and other predators. Even if your pet is not threatening, they could be perceived as a threat and could be harmed.

We understand your love of your animal, and your desire to have your pet with you. However, it is our duty to protect the health and safety of our livestock, our patrons, and your pets. Allowing outside animals onto our farm would prohibit us from doing so.

If you have a service animal and need special accommodations due to this policy, please contact us in advance at (760)703-4926 and we will accommodate you. Thank you!

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