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Today on my morning run I took the time to look at the view, really look at it. Not just run for the work out but actually enjoy the beauty God created. An eagle took flight yards from my path, how lucky am I to see these things?. Life is busy, full of never ending to do lists, and items that need to move up the priority list. It is so easy for me to forget to really look at the view. Today I am making it a priority to take the time to remember that we only get one pass around in this life. We have to take advantage of each day, to really live. We are not put on earth to just to check things off our to-do list.

It has been on my to-do list to write a blog post. A dream of mind to create a Cowgirl Diaries collection, a project I would love to tackle over time. Today I pushed that to the top. I decided to carve out time as it is something I really would love to do. I would love to share the stories of ranching in today’s day and age and the lessons it has taught me.

I am a “list” person, I love a good list. Lists keep me organized and make me feel accomplished when I cross things off. I find lists help keep my mind quieter. When everything is written down on a list my mind can rest a little easier that I won’t forget those important items. But lately the list is so long, it is hard to even think or know which item to tackle first. Overwhelmed would be an understatement, and my list of things to do reads more like a novel.

Today on my run I was feeling overwhelmed. Then it dawned on me – how selfish that is. I only feel overwhelmed because of all of the great opportunities I have. I am able to get up every day and push my dreams a little further along. Not everyone has that opportunity, and I should not take it for granted. I am healthy and able to tackle my list, what a blessing that is.

It seems like a slow uphill climb towards these dreams of mine. It is easy to look around and wonder if your ahead or behind. But ahead or behind of who? Of what? Comparison is the thief of joy – I am learning to remember that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in my journey, exactly where God wants me to be on my path. That I can take great comfort in.

On a Ranch there is never a day off, there is always something to do, and the priorities on that to do list change on an hourly basis. This is a lesson I think all those in agriculture benefit from. Those that work in agriculture are incredibly talented at shifting gears and changing priorities on a dime. They are flexible. We simply have to be. Yesterday we had a mama goat fall ill, we tried everything we could to save her, but we just couldn’t manage it. The heartbreak when we loose an animal never gets any easier. It is not something that any of us grow accustomed to, we were all pretty disheartened. Now we have an orphan baby goat and keeping her alive is the new priority. We promised this mama goat I would take good care of her baby. So, she is now on the top of our to do list – and I can’t think of a better "item" to be at the top. What a blessing living and working in agriculture is. This little baby goat quickly reminds me what is truly important in life. As a family working on this ranch we are honored to be stewards to the land and our livestock. It is not a responsibility or gift we take lightly. Our livestock keeps us grounded and always reminds us what is truly important on the to do lists of life, what can wait, and what should be at the top.

By Rowlynda Moretti - Cowgirl Diaries

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