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Made In America?

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

It is time for the American consumer and voter to take responsibility for the decisions YOU are making.

Have you ever voted to increase regulation on Agriculture? Have you voted to increase COSTS on American agriculture? Prop 15 is just the latest in a long line of California propositions to continue to strangle American agriculture. Honestly, I'm just happy if you voted - exercise that right! BUT NOW HERE IS THE REAL QUESTION - are you still buying AMERICAN agriculture at the store? Or are you opting for the CHEAPER out of country options. Do you know why its cheaper???? Because there are no regulations - that we all voted on! Think about it - no regulations - thats scary. I personally don't need to eat anything coming out of any other country. I love AMERICAN agriculture and the peace of mind that comes from purchasing anything (food or not) that is MADE IN THE USA.

A few years ago we got rid of the "Country of Origin" labeling on BEEF. So now you have no idea what country your beef in the store is coming from. And yes a lot of beef is IMPORTED. Why vote to increase regulation on the beef industry here in America and then vote to take off the information that gives you credit for following that regulation?? I have no idea. At least give us credit for following the regulations, at least let consumers know what the safest choice is.

My Mom made a great point the other day. She wanted me to purchase her ziplock bags, she's always so specific on the brand name. Her point is - why care so much about where your food came from or organic food etc. if you are going to buy a bag not made in the USA. Many cheaper bags are produced in China, made with who knows what. Then you throw your food in there, make it airtight, and let it marinate. Then on top of that most people throw those zip lock bags in the microwave and heat up the plastic - that had no regulation in its production. Kind of negates the point of agonizing over buying organic doesn't it...

PRO TIP FROM MOM: Ziplock bags are made in the USA and are worth the extra $$$.

The point here is protect your "farm to table" and "ranch to table" outlets. Understand how you are affecting the food chain. While many regulations are great - understand we can't have our cake and eat it too. If you over regulate or over TAX American agriculture you will eventually be stuck only eating things produced in other countries. Are you comfortable with that?


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