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Carrisito Ranch

Carrisito Ranch is a 4th Generation Family Owned & Operated Cattle Ranch in the Santa Ysabel Valley. ​

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Pick Up Dates: July 10 2021

Boxes will be ready for pick up in July! A pre order MUST be made prior to coming for pick up! Call/Text (760)703-4926 to reserve a box!

Date: July 10  from 9 AM - Noon

Location: 25580 Highway 79 Santa Ysabel CA 92070 

** Other pick up times or options are available if this is not convenient! 

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On The Hoof Availability Dates

Half or Whole

Grass Finished Beef

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Available September, October, November, December 2021

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1/2  or Whole "On The Hoof" 

Grass Raised &

Grass Finished BEEF

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40 Pound Pack for $279

100% Grass Fed

Ground Beef  - IN STOCK

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Frozen - Not Human Grade

Dog Bones

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$12.99 Per Pound

Beef Hot Italian Sausage

4 Per Package 

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1/2  or Whole "On The Hoof"

Pasture Raised &

Grain Finished BEEF

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All Beef Butcher Box 

In Stock/ PreOrders Open

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Frozen - Not Human Grade

Dog Food - Made From The Offal Of Our BEEF

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$14.99 Per Pound (already cooked!) 

Summer Sausage

Original or Jalapeño

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1/2  or Whole "On The Hoof" 

Heritage Breed


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All Pork Butcher Box

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$55   Frozen - Not Human Grade

Cowdog's Box 

Dog Food & Dog Bones

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$2.15 Each or Pack of 12 for $24 

BEEF Snack Sticks

Jalapeno, Original, Habanero, Wilbur, Maple Bacon & Honey BBQ

In Stock - Call or Text

Four generations ago Felix Moretti came to the United States from Switzerland and the ranch began as a dairy. It later changed to a calf cow operation. We all work hard to ensure that our family tradition carries on & can be passed on from generation to generation. Cattle Ranching is a legacy and we work as cowboys and cowgirls to honor this legacy and facilitate its continuation. We enjoy providing consumers with a local and natural product. We strive to provide our customers with the best product possible, while also providing our cattle with the best life possible. We must say that "here in sunny Southern California, we do indeed, have 'Happy Cows' ". We encourage people to know where their food comes from and, above all else, to “Eat Beef”.  

“BEEF its what’s for Dinner!

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Customer Review

After your steaks making him look like a master griller, my husband doesn't want to buy steak anywhere else LOL. 

- Stacy Nelson