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Raw Offal 
Pet Grade

Offal is $3 per pound straight through - FEED RAW!

BEEF HEADS with the hide on or off (tongue out) are $30 each (tongue in $45). PORK HEADS with the hide on (tongue in) are $20 each. 

BEEF HIDES are $100 each and PORK HIDES are $50 each (you can get the whole or half hide). 

BEEF TONGUES are $10.50 per pound. 

BEEF OX TAIL is $10.50 per pound. 

BEEF OR PORK BLOOD is $13 per gallon.

BEEF KNUCKLE BONES are $4.79 per pound, BEEF MARROW BONES are $6.50 per pound

Pet Offal.png

Feeding your dogs or cats RAW is an endeavor that many of our customers enjoy. We are thrilled to use all parts of our livestock from hoof to tail with no waste!

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