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COVID-19 – The Importance of Buying Local

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Current events are a reminder for America to slow down and think. To remember basic principles this country has relied upon for generations. To give serious thought to the ability of America to feed our own nation and locally the ability to feed our own communities.

Today the world is a different place than it was a week ago. Our current environment is fast changing with the Corona Virus (COVID-19) global pandemic. Store shelves are empty across America and throughout the world. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer are now major commodities. Shelves of cleaning supplies are stripped clean. What is everyone doing with gallons of bleach? Shelves of canned goods, pasta, beans, rice, frozen and fresh meat are empty as well. The importance of supporting American agriculture and “American Made” goods is ever present in today’s news. Clearly it is not the best decision to rely on another country for good or services, let alone food. Can you imagine if America had to rely solely on foreign nations for food? The panic would be much more serious than toilet paper. I’ve often heard people say that America must keep progressing and agriculture is just too old fashioned for todays economy. I’ve got news for America – feeding our nation is not old fashioned. It’s not behind the times. It’s just good sense. We must be able to feed ourselves independent from other nations.

The most frightening part of this pandemic is realizing that the spread of any disease will be extremely hard to slow or stop. We never know what the future may hold. However, frankly I don’t want to live in a nation that can’t feed our own population and you shouldn’t either.

Beyond simply supporting American agriculture, you should be supporting LOCAL agriculture. Farmers and ranchers near you are the ones that will continue to feed you in the event of crisis or disaster. Disasters may come in many shapes and forms including weather and natural disasters. Here in the San Diego mountains, we’ve experienced devastating fires lasting for weeks. Americans are a resilient bunch, and you can bet that your local community will come together. However, don’t forget to support your LOCAL agriculture before a crisis hits. Shop local so those ranchers, farmers, and business owners will be in business and able to help you when you need it most. Support the cattle grazing near your home, the dairy you drive by, and the chicken ranch next to your house. Think before you vote on stringent legislation that makes it harder and harder for those hard-working families in agriculture to feed you. Are you actually making improvements or are you just driving production into other countries, ruining generational livelihoods, and crushing agriculture in America?

While major corporations close down, schools close across the nation, colleges go online, major events are canceled, and travel is banned – those in agriculture faithfully do their jobs every day. Ranchers must feed their cattle, dairymen must milk their cows, hay haulers deliver their loads, and famers must tend to their fields. Agriculture waits for no one. There are simply no days off.

Agriculture is about more than the money made. Agriculture is a good life, but a hard living. We deal with constant uncertainty with market prices, rainfall, and the weather. We do it because our great grandfathers did it, because we want to continue a legacy, because we take pride in feeding America.

Be thankful when you see the farmer cutting hay in the middle of the night, when you see the rancher feeding cattle in the snow, when you catch a whiff of the chicken ranch, or when you hear cattle bawling. Not everyone gets to live in the “land of plenty”. We are so blessed as Americans and sometimes we forget to appreciate these little things. Not everyone in the world or even in America gets to live near agriculture. It is a blessing not to be taken lightly.

Know where your food comes from. Develop a relationship with your local ranchers and farmers. You just never know when you will really need them.

Currently buying local agricultural products is a safer way to purchase your food. It gives you the ability to avoid crowds and potential exposure. We meet customers one on one or deliver to their homes allowing you to minimize any risk. We do all this without sacrificing your ability to provide a local and nutritious protein to your family. Carrisito Ranch sells USDA approved beef by the pound. Please visit for a price list and information about butcher boxes. Call (760) 703-4926 to order. Thank you for supporting local agriculture!

Written By: Rowlynda Moretti (Carrisito Ranch)

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