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"Mother" Nature - Cowgirl Diaries

Updated: May 3, 2023

I'm always in awe of mother nature. Especially the bond between mother and child. The other day we had to pull a calf. (Mom and baby are doing just fine). The baby calf was a "bit" too big and Mom needed a little help. She was a little cranky - who could blame her. She'd been in labor for a while and I imagine I would be cranky too. As soon as that little black calf hit the ground she turned around, sniffed her calf, and looked at us like she dared us to come near her. We felt sorry for the little guy and just wanted to wipe the mud off of the poor guys face. But hey, Mom's the boss. We decide she didn't want any help and would do the job herself. We left them alone for a few hours and came back to a totally clean licked off baby calf and a still very protective mama cow.

I know its how nature survives but its so amazing. It was her first calf. She had a hard time. She couldn't have been super comfortable and she had to be tired. But the instant that calf was in this world she was more worried about it than anything else. This will never cease to amaze me.

I've had people tell me that cows aren't that smart. Whenever someone says that I figure its because the cow has them beat. Cattle are amazing and we couldn't be in business without them. They provide for us and we have tremendous respect for them. We know if we care for our livestock they will care for us.

Seconds after entering the world, welcome to 2021 dude, yep we have no idea how it will be either.

A could of hours later, good job mama cow - he sure looks a lot happier!

By Rowlynda Moretti - Cowgirl Diaries

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