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Snow to Sunshine - Cowgirl Diaries

Updated: May 3, 2023

Sunny San Diego - yes we are blessed to live in a place where the weather is amazing. We do however have seasons. People think of a white Christmas, but we get most of our snow from January to April. As Cattlemen we are so darn thankful for any precipitation, however it comes. Living in a tourist town known for apples and apple pie, the snow does bring a lot of visitors. Hey everyone in San Diego is exited about snow! We just ask that visitors respect "No Trespassing" signs and don't cut our fences.

We know we know, we don't really get SNOW. We have snow for a few days (if we're lucky) and then it melts. We feed our cattle for a few days and then enjoy the green grass that the snow brings. We do not have to suffer through months of freezing weather and many feet of snow. So for us snow is just a fun change in the weather. It's a change to our landscape. A new scene to enjoy.

This year I got up at 4 AM determined to go on my morning run - snow or no snow. It had to be one of the prettiest things I have seen in a long time. It was cold and odd to run through the snow in the dark. However, when the sun rose - God blessed me with one of the prettiest pastel skies I have seen in a long time. Live is far to SHORT to not stop and enjoy the little tings. God painted an incredible sky for you - notice it and allow yourself to stop and enjoy the gifts God blesses us with!

By Rowlynda Moretti - Cowgirl Diaries

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