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Thinking about purchasing a whole or half BEEF - are you on the fence?

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Why is it a good idea to buy a whole or half beef on the hoof? Are you on the fence - the barbwire fence to be exact? There are many pros and a few cons to purchasing a whole or half beef. Here at Carrisito Ranch we offer butcher boxes (13+) as well as whole or half beef shares. We can help you with large or small quantities!

The PROS of purchasing a whole or half beef

- You will be prepared. Think of it like stalking up your pantry. A great tip is to have an extra freezer on hand. You can always unplug it when it isn't in use. Also consider upright freezers as they allow for easier access to all of your cuts.

- You will save money. Buying in bulk is just always cheaper.

- It's custom butchered. This means you can have your steaks cut as thick as you like. You can have as many steaks to a package as you like. Anything you don't want to eat - you can have ground into hamburger.

- You are supporting local agriculture and ensuring you continue to have a safe, local, all natural food source.

The CONS of purchasing a whole or half beef

- It is cheaper per pound but more of an investment upfront.

- It is a commitment - once you have signed up for a beef you are committed. We respect our animals and would never want to kill something without a purpose.

- You will get to learn how to cook all of the cuts. Some see this as a CON. Actually most of our customers love this part and it motivates people to take some time to do something they like. It encourages you to take some time for yourself and learn new recipes!

- If you live alone or don't eat a lot of beef - a butcher box is a great choice so that you can store and use smaller quantities.

Some common worries:

- I've never done it and don't know where to start. Seriously call or text (760)703-4926. We are happy to walk you through the processes. We have information to send you and are always happy to answer questions.

- I don't know who to have butcher the beef. We will help you with that! Don't worry!

- I wouldn't know how to get it cut up. Its easier than you think! We provide info and will help you through that process as well. After you've done it once you won't want to go back!

- I don't have that much freezer space. Its less than you think. An old fashoioned upright freezer should fit a whole beef (neathly stacked). A rule of thumb is one cubic foot of freezer space for each 35-40 pounds of cut and wrapped meat. Allow slightly more space when the meat is packaged in odd shapes. Thus a WHOLE beef would be around 13 cubic feet, a HALF beef would be around 6.5 cubic feet, and a QUARTER beef would be around 3.25 cubic feet.

- I'll get stuck with cuts I don't want. There are more options than you think when choosing cuts. Also always remember anything you don't like can be ground into hamburger. The more cuts you put in your hamburger the better hamburger will be.

- It will take me years to eat a whole beef. Of course every family eats different quantities of beef. Our family of four keeps at least a whole beef per year to eat. Factor in holiday meals and it goes fast!

- I am not used to cooking with frozen beef. A lot of people in America go to the grocery store daily. Eating out of your freezer simply requires that you think about what you would like to eat for dinner and get it out in the morning. Once you have built this habit, it will really help you to plan your meals and organize your day.

- Beef isn't that healthy for you. If you only eat filets every day then no beef isn't healthy. If you eat the ENTIRE animal and consume all the different cuts then you get different nutritional value from each cut. Eating an entire beef is the old fashioned way to consume animal protein. It ensures that you get nutritional value from the entire animal. Want to take it a step further - keep the heart, liver, kidney, tongue, and ox tail for an even wider range of nutritional value.

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Marcelo Bermann
Marcelo Bermann
13 июл. 2023 г.

i was raised on grass fed beef in argentina, until the american way took over, now it's mostly grain fed beef. grass-fed doesn't have the downfalls, it's much healthier and for some of us (according to the blood type diet) it is the optimal nutrient. before "progress" took over, people were healthier, and more attractive with few exceptions of morbidity or excessive weight. to quote Irving Garvon (He wrote the song "unforgettable") and said to me: "look marcelo, half the world is starving, and the other half, is on a diet!"

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