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Welcome To Cow Dog Country - Cowgirl Diaries

Updated: May 3, 2023

Cowgirl Diaries are about taking the time to appreciate the lives we live in agriculture. As my grandfather always said "its a good life". Today, I'm thankful for a good dog. Actually I have a few good dog, but my longest companion is Trixie. Showing gratitude is incredible important. It's necessary to slow down and enjoy the small things in life. The companionship of your dog is one of those, and such a gift! Trixie is name of my very faithful dog. She was born and raised here on the ranch. She was born my freshman year of college. She was something I looked forward to coming home too. She faithfully waited for me to finish my degree at UCSD, spending lots of time away from her.

After graduation she gave me the confidence to live alone. She's gone on long runs with me every other day for many years - we probably run around 20 miles a week. She puts up with me running in the Santa Anna Winds, in the rain, at 4 AM in the dark, etc. She's defended me from other dogs, coyotes, and even a mountain lion a few weeks ago. We were running at 4 AM and surprised a mountain lion. She bravely chased it off, in the pitch black dark. She gives me the confidence to run on the highway, in the dark, and by myself. She watches my every move and is truly there to make sure we get home safely.

If anyone gets to close she bares her teeth and lets people know (especially men) that they need to keep their space. She has believed in the six-feet rule way before it was popular! Living alone she is my constant companion and protector. She makes sure I am never lonely. She's happy to do whatever I have planned for the day. From planting daffodils, to working cows, to getting a tan. I can sit in the sun and fall asleep and know without a doubt that she is watching my back. I love planting hay for many reasons but one of them is that Trixie gets to go. She faithfully follows the tractor around and around for many hours. She rides on the tractor, follows behind, and never lets me out of her sight.

She's far better to me than I am to her. There is no way I will every repay her for all the joy and loyalty she has given to me. Too often I neglect spending time with her, as work always calls. She loves unconditionally without expecting much in return. How can you beat that loyalty?

By Rowlynda Moretti - Cowgirl Diaries

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