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Why is Rain Always Calming? - Cowgirl Diaries

Updated: May 3, 2023

Today I am sitting in my Dad's shop - watching the rain gently fall out on the freshly planted hay fields. People are coming and going picking up their BEEF and PORK. I feel incredibly blessed to lead the life I do. For many years I struggled with being "different". I don't have a nine to five job. I have more a 4 AM - 8 PM kind of "job". I'm self employed and always have to have several jobs. Lately I have learned to accept that its ok to be different. There is no comparison in life and the more time you spend comparing the more time you waste. You just have follow your heart and do what you have been called to do. I know I am truly in the place God wants me to be. This is his plan, and I'm simply following it. The only thing I wish is that I would have spent less time comparing myself or worrying about what others thought of me. Hindsight is always 20-20. Who cares what anyone else thinks - remember they don't have to live your life. You do.

The rain ALWAYS has the power to make me feel calm. No matter what is going on. I've thought for a long time why that is. I think growing up in agriculture (especially in dry Southern California) everyone was always just so thankful for the rain. My Grandpa was ALWAYS in a good mood on rainy days. My Dad was always in a good mood and my Mom would bake cookies. What wasn't to love? We depend on the rain for our grazing grass as well as our hay. We know God was providing for our cattle and our livelihood when it rains. Its calming, we feel like were getting a lot done when really God and Mother Nature are doing all the work.

Today as we were feeding cattle in the rain - I reminded myself to stop and appreciate the world around me, the world I've chosen to surround myself with. All to often we forget to slow down. Just simply stoping and showing some gratitude for the little things can improve your mood more than you would think! Watching the rain fall as I tossed of flakes of hay reminded me of all of my blessings. Really stoping and feeling the rain drops on your skin. Taking a moment to watch the newborn calves running in the soft rain and splashing through the puddles. Smelling that fresh rain smell. All of those things are the best medicine in the world for this Cowgirl.

By Rowlynda Moretti - Cowgirl Diaries

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